Clubs within the Club

There’s something for everyone in our “Clubs Within the Club” program!  It’s a great way to meet fellow members who have similar interests and hobbies, plus have a good time. We invite you to participate and experience one or more of our “Clubs within a Club” groups. All clubs are member-initiated and managed.  Members wanting to start a club should contact the Member Relations department at 928.443.3512 for details.

  • Games

    American Mah Jongg

    Meets Wednesday 1-4pm


    Contact Member: Denise Ashworth

    (480) 381-7794

    [email protected]

    Card Club

    Meets Tuesday 6pm


    Contact Member Tom Bobak (510) 557-5524

    [email protected]

    Cribbage Club

    Meets 1st and 3rd Monday, monthly, 3:30-5pm


    Contact Member: Jim Robak

    (928) 713-3288

    [email protected]

    Meets last Wednesday, monthly, 6-8pm


    Contact Member: Pam Milewsky

    (928) 771-7536

    [email protected]

    Bridge Group

    Meets Tuesday 1-4pm


    Contact Members: Roger and Julie Wiehl

    (928) 443-8995

    [email protected]

    Mexican Train and Luncheon Group

    Meets Wednesday 10am


    followed by lunch at the Grille (optional)

    Contact Member: Susan Eade

    (928) 515-4980

    [email protected]

    Chinese Mah Jongg

    Meets Monday 1-3:30pm


    Contact Member: Cindy Templeton

    (505) 690-2118

    [email protected]

    Hand and Foot Club

    Meets Tuesday 9:30am


    Contact Member Robin Torry

    (928) 445-5242

    [email protected]

    Learning, Social, & Religion

    Gardening Club

    Meets 4th Wednesday, monthly, 3:30-5pm

    Contact Member: John Murphy

    [email protected]

    Book Club

    Meets 3rd Thursday, monthly, 10:30am


    Contact Member: Susan England

    (661) 435-5567

    [email protected]

    Book Club 2

    Meets 1st Thursday, monthly,10:30am


    Contact Member: Diane Shrager

    [email protected]

    Christian Fellowship Club

    Meets Thursdays 1:30pm


    Contact Member: Russ Johnson

    (562) 400-9173

    [email protected]

    Travel Club

    Meets 1st Thursday, monthly 5-6:30pm

    December meeting is a holiday party held at Member home

    Contact Members: Ellen MacDonald

    (928) 227-0688

    [email protected]

    Nancy Gribbell

    (925) 577-7708

    The W Club Women's Club

    Meets Events TBD

    Contact Member: Jackie Fitzpatrick

    (928) 227-2491

    [email protected]



    Prescott Lakes Singles Group

    Meets Varies

    Contact Member: Jeannie Anderson

    (928) 776-0906

    [email protected]

    Moms & Tots (ages 0-5) Club

    Meets Tuesdays 10:30-11:30am

    Outdoor pool, weather permitting May thru September

    Playground, weather permitting October-April

    Contact Member: Mary Kramer

    (602) 320-0461

    [email protected]

    Business Builders

    Meets to plan events as needed


    Contact Members:

    Fran Russell (303) 881-1890

    Dan Russell (303) 378-1671

    [email protected]

    Outdoors & Exercise

    Line Dancing Group

    Meets Wednesdays

    10:15am-11am Beginner

    11am-12pm Intermediate

    Contact Member: Elaine Armack

    (928) 771-0456

    [email protected]

    For Golf Members: AC add-on applies

    Pickleball Club

    Meets Daily

    Summer 7:30am

    Winter 9am-generally

    Lesson Information

    Contact Member: Frank Klejmont

    [email protected]

    General Information

    Contact Member: Jim Slack

    (317) 250-7293

    [email protected]

    For Golf Members: AC add-on applies

    Ping Pong Group

    Meets Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10am


    For Golf Member AC add-on applies

    Contact Member: Evan Fisher

    (928) 771-8398

    [email protected]

    Prescott Lakes Parks & Trails Volunteers

    Meets Project Work

    Contact Member: Pam Arnold

    (928) 227-3026

    [email protected]

    Walking Group

    Meets Tuesday Mornings

    Contact Member: Jean Kiser

    (928) 777-8961

    [email protected]

    Yoga Club

    Meets Monday 10am-11am AC

    Friday 10am-11am AC

    Contact Member: Susan Rubio

    (949) 633-7894

    [email protected]

    Tennis Club

    Meets Socials last Thursday, monthly, 3-5pm

    followed by Happy Hour at The Grille

    Contact Member: Natalie Fisher

    (928) 771-8398

    [email protected]

    For Golf Members: AC add-on applies

“Clubs Within The Club” are member-sponsored, member-administered organizations which meet at The Club at Prescott Lakes. However, these groups are not sponsored, endorsed, managed by or affiliated in any way with Prescott Lakes Club Management, LLC; The Club at Prescott Lakes, LLC; or any of their respective affiliates, employees, or agents. Any opinions expressed or actions are taken or directed at the meetings of such groups are the sole responsibility of the organizers and participants in such groups.

Members wanting details on how to start a club or change club information should contact Marie Morrell at 928-443-3505 or Member Relations at 928-443-3512.